Living in Cork

DSC_8924_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

Just over a week ago, we landed in Cork (Corcaigh in Irish, meaning “marsh”), right in the middle of Storm Barney. All flights out of Cork afterwards were immediately cancelled with wind-speeds further north reaching over 120 kilometres per hour. It was a rough landing in a small plane, but we made it! The immigration officer was nice enough, but my favourite part was probably the sniffer dog (we had come from Amsterdam after all), just because dogs are cool.

We booked an apartment to stay in for two weeks and caught a taxi to the centre of Cork city. The taxi guy drove quite fast and was focused and quiet, and we found the lift to be a lot cheaper than the taxi transfer in Amsterdam ( €€€ ). The apartment is really nice and so is our lovely host, Mira. She really is very helpful and welcoming.

I’m a bit grumpy today to be honest, because I have tendinitis in my foot or something from walking around a lot which means that I probably should rest it for a few days. It’s really comfy here but I’d much rather be out and about. So, I might edit this post at a later stage when I’m in a better mood. Anyway, here are some slices of Cork from the last few days. As I post more blogs about the city, I will make a few of the images into links that lead to blog posts about each photo, so click on them to read more.

DSC_8703_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8755_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8916_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8770_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8793_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8814_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8822_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8830_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8855_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8861_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8897_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen
DSC_8933_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8938_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8939_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

DSC_8993_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen




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