• Ireland
  • 2015 Snowfall


    As things cool down and the frequency of the storms increase, I’ve been thinking back to last winter when we had just been in Ireland for three months. It was the usual: some people thought the weather was the worst it had ever been, some people thought it was too warm, the snow was late, the snow […]

  • Cool Cork
  • Nandos


    In Cork City, the double-storey Nandos is impressive compared to what we’re used to in South Africa where it’s more of a take-away vibe. It’s got plenty of space with high ceilings, a modern feel and a large menu. Staff usually welcome us and show us to a table with a menu in hand, but then we’re expected […]

  • Exploring Ireland
  • Youghal


    If I’m not wrong, one of the biggest claims to fame of Youghal is that there were a few shots of the 1950’s version of Moby Dick taken in this town (instead of New Bedford, which had changed too much in the previous century – in other words, Youghal had not changed much). The town is a historic […]