• Spain
  • Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


    I recently posted about cool things to see in Barcelona. This Spanish city is well-known for its interesting architecture, notably the famous cathedral Sagrada Familia. This building is the most visited monument in the country. Here’s a little crash course on the architect and his creations. Antoni Gaudi The mastermind behind the design of the […]

  • Spain
  • A Roman Amphitheatre by the Beach


      Just a twenty minute drive south of our campsite, Camping Gavina, we arrived at the ancient city of Tarragona. We travelled here to see some impressive Roman ruins on the coast. This second-century amphitheatre is still quite well intact today and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The surrounding area is the oldest Roman settlement in the Iberian […]

  • Spain
  • Santa Cruz, La Palma


    Spanish speaking places can be confusing geographically in that there are many different places with the same names. There’s Las Palmas, and then there’s La Palma. There’s Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and then there’s Santa Cruz de la Palma. Just to be clear, the latter is the capital city of the island of […]

  • Cool Cork
  • Reardens Bar


    Right on Washington Street, within view of the Courthouse in Cork City, you’ll see a good-looking red pub with a fair bit of character. Being a bit of a newcomer, I’m no Reardens expert and I’m not quite a regular. I can’t attest to their live music scene or convince you of their great late […]

  • Cool Cork
  • You’ll be Okay in Cork


    Honestly, I was a bit worried about moving to Cork. Dublin’s where it’s all happening, isn’t it (everyone else who lives in parts of Ireland that aren’t Dublin, cringe here)? People say some un-encouraging things about Cork sometimes (they say it’s small, they say there’s not much going on and they question it’s claim to […]

  • Ireland
  • Exploring Cork City

    DSC_8924_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

    Just over a week ago, we landed in Cork (Corcaigh in Irish, meaning “marsh”), right in the middle of Storm Barney. All flights out of Cork afterwards were immediately cancelled with wind-speeds further north reaching over 120 kilometres per hour. It was a rough landing in a small plane, but we made it! The immigration officer was nice enough, […]

  • Amsterdam
  • Het Scheepvaartmuseum


    I wasn’t that excited to go to this museum, but I actually loved it. It was a freezing cold, rainy day in Amsterdam and the museum had just the right amount of variety to keep me interested. Housed in a former naval storehouse, the museum covers many different aspects of maritime history, from paintings to model ships, […]