Chrysoskalitissa Monastery

Chrysoskalitissa Monastery view

The Chrysoskalitissa Monastery is perched on a high rock, about 53 meters above the sea, offering expansive views. It’s only a 5-minute drive from Aspri Limni, the White Lake beach. It is also a good place for a quick spot on the way to Elafonissi Lagoon.

The history of the place points to a story in which a farmer saw a mysterious light in the distance that lead him to find an icon of the Assumption of the Virgin Mother in a hollowed-out rock. The church was eventually built on this same rock. During the Turkish invasion, a swarm of bees attacked an army who had planned to destroy the church. It was only later, in 1855 that the reconstruction was started by a monk called Manassis. The process involved replacing the smaller church with a larger building on the rock, the one that is there today.

There is a small entrance fee to enter the monastery (€2 per person), which allows visitors to see a small one-room museum, to climb the stairs to the beautiful chapel and also to see a small room that was used as a secret school. There are also a few other interesting artefacts that can be appreciated during the visit, and sea views to be appreciated.

Travel Tip: There is a bathroom (which is free to use) :)







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