Aspri Limni / White Lake Beach

Aspri Limini

Aspri Limni is situated on the west coast of Crete, just north of the popular Elafonissi Lagoon. It’s worth a stop-over if you’re travelling south to Elafonissi. The name of this beach means “White Lake”, probably so called because of the salt that collects and dries around it. The salt gathers on the sharp rocks that form this small sea ‘lake’. If you have a teaspoon and receptacle you can collect some of the salt (although the rocks are sharp, so both shoes and caution are required).

There are no waves at Aspri Limni and the water is completely calm. When I was there it was quite cold and there was some seaweed growing up from the bottom of the lake, so, I skipped the swim. Instead I opted for a fun and somewhat perilous clamber over the rocks. These rocks make interesting formations and look somewhat volcanic.

The sandy part of the beach is easily accessed from a few free and unmarked parking spots on the edge of Aspri Limni. There is no natural shade, but there are one or two thatch beach umbrellas that have been put up. The beach is quite sheltered and a great spot for a picnic. You’ll have to bring your picnic food and beverages with you because there are no shops or restaurants anywhere within walking distance.

Travel tip: If you’d like to step back in time, take the short drive to the nearby monastery, Chrisoskalitissa.

Aspri Limini

Aspri Limini


Aspri Limini Beach

Aspri Limini Salt

Aspri Limini Rock

Aspri Limini

Aspri Limini Lake

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