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 If you’ve been to Paris before, you might know that despite all the amazing things you’ll be seeing and doing, what you’ll really be doing a lot of is ….walking. It’s a big city! I was really determined to see all the “big things” on my travel list as soon as possible. It was a good thing that I had comfy shoes on and my camera battery charged!


Just a few days in Paris

Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be sharing a little about my adventures in Paris, about walking and taking the metro to see the most important and notable sights, well, not all of them. When you fall in love with a place, you have to, as a rule, leave some things undone to make sure you come back (I know you like to look for excuses to travel!).


Paris doesn’t have to be expensive

The City of Love really has so much going on. It is quite overwhelming. Luckily the centre of the city is quite walkable and always beautiful. When your feet tire, the metro is cheap and easy enough to navigate (a ticket costs less than €2). Hopefully my blog posts will be able to provide some great ideas and structure for exploring this wonderful city, without having to dip too far into your life’s savings!


Stay central

Thanks to AirBnb, we found ourselves in a little ground floor apartment in central Paris, a short walk from the Seine on the south bank. I love that feeling of leaving an apartment, letting the door slam behind you and being placed instantly in the city, an avenue or boulevard; of being thrown out into the bright, loud world full of traffic and the busy people doing anything and everything all at once.


Plan well & pack it in

We only spent about four days in Paris, but the skies were sunny, the food was always amazing and we really saw a lot! Here’s a breakdown of what we managed to explore in about four days:
✔ Eiffel Tower

✔ La Place de la Bastille

✔ Hôtel-de-Ville

✔ Notre Dame &  Ile de la Cité

✔ Jardin de Tuileries

✔ Sacré Coeur

✔ Jardin des Plantes

✔ Arc de Triomphe

✔ Place de la Concorde

✔ Père Lachaise Cemetery

✔ Champs d’Elysée

✔ Le Musée de l’Armée

✔ Pont des Arts

✔ Le Marais

✔ Opéra Garnier

✔ Panthéon

✔ Jardin du Luxembourg

✔ Latin Quarter

✔ Pont Alexandre III

✔  Rue Mouffetard

✔ Dinner on the Seine


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