Things to do Before you Leave



“Did I remember to contact the bank?” That’s probably one of the most important things not to forget. There are most likely various other to-do and to-pack lists running through your head in the days and hours leading up to your vacation. To make things a little easier, I’ve put together a list of things to do before you leave right over here.




Way ahead of time

  • Book your flights, accommodation and car hire
  • Check if you need to get a visa
  • Get vaccinations if you need them about three months in advance
  • Check if there are any travel warnings in place
  • Think about using AirBnB to rent out your place while you are away

Holiday money

  • Make sure that your bills and credit card are up to date and not going to expire anytime soon
  • Let your bank know you’ll be using your creditor debit card from abroad
  • Get foreign exchange or travellers checks
  • Check mobile roaming rates for abroad


  • Check your visa dates
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary, ticket, passport, drivers license, travel card and pin with trusted family members
  • Put a copy of important folders online (encrypted)
  • Confirm your flight reservations 2 days before departure
  • Pre-book seats and check-in
  • Book a taxi to the airport

Preparing for your return

  • Empty all of your bins out
  • Change your linens and catch up on your laundry
  • Do a quick clean up of the house
  • Disconnect your car battery
  • Check that doors and widows are locked and closed

Pets & plants

  • Organise a house or pet sitter
  • Drop off your keys with the house or pet sitter
  • Water your plants and cover them with plastic bags for a mini greenhouse affect

Save money while you’re away

  • Pause deliveries (newspapers .etc) or memberships (e.g. gym)
  • Turn off your geyser, fridge (or just use up perishables in the fridge) and heating
  • Fix leaking taps

In case of emergencies

  • Unplug electronic equipment that could be affected by storms
  • Let your alarm or security company know you’ll be away and who to contact in your absence
  • Store valuables in safe place
  • Pack important medication and perscriptions





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