Packing for an Intercontinental Flight


Packing for a flight can be a tad challenging. It’s all about the little things. If you forget something small it could make your flight feel quite a bit longer – ugh. Being the right temperature on a flight is one of those things. Have you ever been too cold on a flight? I find that when airlines hand out blankets, they’re never really quite big enough. Having a scarf at hand can be used as an extra blanket (or to block out light). Socks can come in really handy as well (if you’re one of those people who hate shoes, like me). If you pack these things, your flight will probably be amazing, and in no time at all, you’ll be safely landing in your new destination.

Super important stuff

• Tickets, boarding passes (RyanAir charges €50 to print at the gate – shock & horror)
• Passport
• Driving license
• Travel wallet or moon-bag
• Important documents (e.g. docs you needed to get your visa which maybe be requested at the airport when you land)



• Book/Kindle
• Mobile phone
• Other valuables
• Camera with empty storage cards, spare battery, charger and lens-cleaning cloth


In-flight entertainment

• Downloaded favourite Spotify playlists
• Earphones (and adapter, if you want use your own earphones)
• Pen and journal
• Extra pen
• Glasses or contacts (plus contact fluid, and holder)
• National Geographic Magazine or a great travel book


Stay comfy

• Eye drops
• A scarf that doubles as a blanket
• Cosy socks
• Lip ice that can double as moisturiser
• Gum for changing air pressure on landing
• Earplugs
• Eye-mask
• Neck pillow
• Snacks


For when you land

• Wallet
• Some cash in the foreign currency you’ll be using
• Extra change of clothes (in the case where your luggage is delayed)
• Sunglasses & hat
• Clothing to match the weather you’ll be landing in (do not wear uggs to Dubai)



• Toothpaste, brush, floss
• Hand cream
• Required medication
• Tissues
• Liquid hand cleaner
• Face wash
• Make up (don’t forget the clear ziplock bag for airport security)
• Small mirror
• Hairbrush
• Perfume / deo


Travel clothing choices

When I fly I like to minimise the amount of time I spent at the security check but avoiding wearing boots or closed shoes if possible, clothes with metal things on them, belts or chunky metal jewellery. If you take along a scarf, remember that you’ll need to take that off at security as well. This is my basic travel uniform:

• Loose, long yoga or harlem pants
• A tank top
• A big, thin, soft scarf
• Warm top that can double as a pillow
• Comfortable open shoes like this

Tip: Wear shoes you can run in (imagine a last minute gate change!).


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