Camping in Menton


When you look at it on a map, the drive from Verdon to Menton looks long. We woke up early and packed up our tent in Verdon. Then we started the next leg of our scenic European road trip. We headed down to the coast, then east past Antibes and Nice to Menton. It took about two and a half hours.

Our previous drive from south of Barcelona to Verdon was too long! Our next stop was actually going to be Florence, but we decided to break it up. This city is just five kilometres from the Italian border. One of the main attractions is its well-known annual lemon festival. There are many pebbled beaches, a large casino with a beautiful garden and many interesting churches to look up at. It’s a fun spot to kick-around in for a few days.

Where to camp

We were lucky enough to find an affordable, although rustic, campsite set in an old olive grove overlooking the town and sea! I really loved this campsite and would recommend it for the view, olive trees and great location (but not the facilities 😀 ). The beautiful campsite view translated to plenty of steep stairs in reality. Getting to the city simply meant going down one really long staircase with those sea views. No complaints there. Plus, the city is definitely very walk-able.

Where to find food

We ate out once or twice but generally stuck to our camping diet. Not particularly healthy, we chowed down local bread with olive oil and soft cheese, chocolate biscuits and some veggies. You’ll find everything you need to eat at U Express or Spar.

If you’re looking for a city adventure on the cheap in the south of France, this is the way to do it :)















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