Camping in Catalonia



About three hours after driving over the beautiful Pyrenees, we arrived our second campsite to do some camping in Catalonia. It was situated about an hour’s drive south of the big port city, Barcelona. We wanted to visit both Barcelona and Tarragona, so we picked a campsite in between the two cities in Catalonia.

Camping Gavina is situated on the beach at Creixell which was really quiet in the mornings and evenings, surprisingly (although we were there at the end of May). The beach is big, sandy and beautiful with crystal clear water which is perfect for swimming. The campsite is very clean with properly working facilities, friendly staff and free wi-fi, but bring your own toilet paper. The campsite is also right next to a train track which can cause some nightmares on the first night, but after that you’ll probably sleep right through it.


The Weather

The weather for this time of year was very comfortable: not too hot and not too cold. We did have a few minutes of very intense rain on one afternoon, but it passed quickly and just left big puddles (not much mud). All of the other days we camped in Catalonia were beautifully sunny. Be sure to pack your sunnies!


Getting around

From here it’s easy to get around by car. To get to Barcelona, we took a train so that we wouldn’t have to find parking. Parking in Tarragona was free and fairly effortless. The campsite has a little shop with basics like sangria (made in China) and Lays. Bigger mercados are not far away and life at the campsite is very relaxed.












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