Staying at Chora Sfakia

Chora Sfakia Beach

Chora Sfakia really is beautiful, definitely one of my favourite stop-overs. You’ll find this at a gem of a spot in the south of Crete, the largest Greek island. Usually this little town is sheltered from wind by the surrounding sea cliffs. The landscape has also created an excellent little swimming bay that’s perfect for daily swims.

Chora Sfakion is a very small town, but here are two or three super markets that sell beach essentials, food, olive wood souvenirs and handy supplies. A few restaurants line the seaside and there is a delicious bakery that sells fresh pastries (make a point of going there!). The town’s size makes perfect for chilling out without the use of a car as well as exploring further afield on foot, ferry or road.


How to get to Chora Sfakia

You can reach the town of Chora Sfakia by road (hitching, rental car or bus). Some of the other towns in the area, like Loutro, can only be accessed on foot or by ferry. If you hike through Samaria Gorge, you’ll most likely take the ferry to Chora Sfakia before catching the bus back to Chania. So a ferry is another option (the ferry form Aglia Roumeli to Chora Sfakia costs €12.50 per adult).


Ferry Day Trips from Chora Sfakia

Hop on a ferry and float over to the picturesque town of Loutro for a day on the beach and dinner by the sea. This small town looks out over crystal clear waters and only seems to have one beach. Other beaches, like Sweet Water, can be reached with a bit of hiking.

Another lovely little town to visit is Agia Roumeli. It might feel like there’s not much to see here, but the restaurants serve good traditional food and the beach offers delightful swimming opportunities. When we ended up there after the Samaria Gorge hike, the bay was sheltered, the clear water was warm and the pebbled beach was hot. There are loungers and umbrellas on offer at all of the beaches I’ve mentioned so far.











Hiking from Chora Sfakia

If you’re in the mood to stretch your legs, strike out on an adventure right from the town. You can find a list of about 5 walks in a big file at the The Three Brother’s Tavern Restaurant. One of the hikes is the Imbros Gorge, another will take you to Sweet Water Beach and Loutro.


Get on the Water

From the Three Brother’s Tavern you can rent kayaks. The sea is calm enough to go out on and it looks like a fun idea to explore sea caves. I also saw a couple on a jet-ski but I’m not sure how they organised that. If you’re in need of speed, hire the Stavros Taxi or something similar from the port.


Where to Stay

There is a range of accommodation to visit on any budget in town. We stayed at The Three Brother’s Tavern & Accommodation. We loved the sea view form our room and balcony. The quick access to the beach was fantastic, but since the town is so small, you’re always close to the sea.

Sophia’s Lovely Rooms is another popular spot.



Travel tip: There’s an ATM near the information centre in the middle of the town.









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