• Spain
  • Bosque de Los Tilos, La Palma


    This beautiful forested ravine on the northern side of La Palma shows off a variety of massive ferns, old, tall trees, ravines and waterfalls. What I didn’t know was that the path to see the waterfalls is a fairly difficult 8 hour walk (and involves a taxi to complete the route). Unfortunately daylight hours didn’t allow for […]

  • Spain
  • Puerto Naos, La Palma


    The simple and magic combination of palm tree silhouettes in the sunset and a gelato cone. Need I say more? Honestly, though, if you’re looking for another good sunset spot, other than Tazacote, Puerto Naos is super. It feels a bit more finished, or fancy, because of the investment that was put into the beachfront area. […]

  • Spain
  • Santa Cruz, La Palma


    Spanish speaking places can be confusing geographically in that there are many different places with the same names. There’s Las Palmas, and then there’s La Palma. There’s Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and then there’s Santa Cruz de la Palma. Just to be clear, the latter is the capital city of the island of […]

  • Ireland
  • Robert’s Cove, Cork


    One almost-hot, sunny day, I took a drive out southwest from Cork city to Robert’s Cove. There was a lot of seaweed washed up on the beach that day but there were spots high up that were comfy enough for sitting on the sand and getting a touch of a sun.  On the right, behind the houses […]

  • Cool Cork
  • You’ll be Okay in Cork


    Honestly, I was a bit worried about moving to Cork. Dublin’s where it’s all happening, isn’t it (everyone else who lives in parts of Ireland that aren’t Dublin, cringe here)? People say some un-encouraging things about Cork sometimes (they say it’s small, they say there’s not much going on and they question it’s claim to […]