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  • FAQ: Moving to Ireland

    Torc Waterfall, Kerry

    Before moving to another country you would naturally have a lot of questions. And if you don’t you should. The weird thing is that no matter how many questions you ask yourself or try to get answers to beforehand, you kind of just uncover more questions and more answers as you go. For example, one technicality I […]

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  • Moving to Ireland


    As a South African without any EU passport or British ancestral visa, it’s difficult to get a job. Honestly, it’s really tough. There’s a lot of research involved. The first thing you’ll find out is that as plain old South Africans we can’t just go and work anywhere. Apparently the UK is ever tightening borders and we […]

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  • How it Happened

    How it happened

    To move or not to move? That is not the only question. There are others, and there will always be others; practical, personal. Where to move? For how long? What are the motivations for moving? Does the good outweigh the bad? Why? Am I being honest with myself? What’s important in life? Am I having […]

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  • Living in Cork

    DSC_8924_LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen _LivingInCork2015_CopyrightPaulaVermeulen

    Just over a week ago, we landed in Cork (Corcaigh in Irish, meaning “marsh”), right in the middle of Storm Barney. All flights out of Cork afterwards were immediately cancelled with wind-speeds further north reaching over 120 kilometres per hour. It was a rough landing in a small plane, but we made it! The immigration officer was nice enough, […]