Ponta da Piedade, Lagos


In my last post about the old town of Lagos, I mentioned Ponta da Piedade (Google Maps link) as a nearby attraction. The popular cliffs of Ponta da Piedade have many beautiful gold-coloured rock formations that are visible from the point. There are also many caves, most of which are only accessible by boat. It might be possible to hire kayaks to explore these caves!


How to get there

It is just a 35 minute walk from the old town, or a 10 minute drive to get to Ponta da Piedade. We decided to drive. Although it was quite busy, it was easy to find free parking in the parking area that appeared on the left as we neared the point. A short walk away we noticed a cafe, WC and a few touristy shops near the cliffs. There are paths high above the sea and steep stairs that lead down to the water. From here you can see the sea arch and if you’re lucky some caves too. I highly recommend packing a picnic to enjoy in this incredibly beautiful setting.






sea cliffs


Praia do Camilo

While we were in the area of Lagos, we stopped at a lovely beach nearby Ponta da Piedade for a few hours. There was a sandy but free parking area near a popular restaurant called Restaurante Camilo with great views (Google Maps link). A steep wooden stairways leads down to the small beach.

Because there are so many easy-to-find cliff walks in the south of Portugal, we picked one and decided to walk east for a bit.








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