Reardens Bar


Right on Washington Street, within view of the Courthouse in Cork City, you’ll see a good-looking red pub with a fair bit of character. Being a bit of a newcomer, I’m no Reardens expert and I’m not quite a regular. I can’t attest to their live music scene or convince you of their great late night vibe.

All I can really say is that a place that serves pizza and pies until midnight is obviously worth a visit. I’ve been here twice in the last few weeks, once for a pie (that came with two fresh and crispy side salads) and once for a massive plate of nachos (it just needed a bit of a spicy bite to it, otherwise no complaints). The bar is cosy, the service is friendly and the food is simple and satisfying.

If you’re meeting up with a friend or just need a break from the rain and cold and don’t know what to do with yourself, or if you’re looking for a nice spot to come back to for many tasty pub meals in future; Reardens should be top o’ the list.








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